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ageLOC® Meta is here to help with a daily dose of unrivaled scientific support. Backed by seven years of groundbreaking, exclusive-to-Nu Skin research, it’ s powered by anthocyanins— natural health-beneficial compounds found in the deepest purple berries and black rice. This formula features our very own anthocyanin blend, shown to support a healthy body metabolism. ageLOC® Meta is perfect for today’ s hectic world because it helps counteract the effects of your modern lifestyle when combined with healthy eating, regular exercise, and better sleep.


  • Helps support body metabolism for improved well-being. 
  • Helps support heart health. 
  • Helps support a healthy immune system function.
  • Helps restore beneficial intestinal flora for better gut health. 
  • Helps improve the antioxidant defense system, reducing damage caused by free radicals. 
  • Helps in the maintenance of healthy blood lipids. 
  • Features ageLOC® technology that targets your body metabolism. 
  • Provides our exclusive ageLOC® Meta anthocyanin blend, standardised to 215 mg of anthocyanins per serving.

Key Ingredients

  • ageLOC® Meta anthocyanin blend—rich in potent Cyanidin and Delphinidin— ideally sourced from three superfoods: black currants, bilberries, and black rice.
  • Cyanidin and Delphinidin— ideally sourced from three superfoods: black currants, bilberries, and black rice. Cyanidin and Delphinidin are the two most effective anthocyanins at supporting better overall metabolic health.
  • Anthocyanins are powerful compounds with potent antioxidant effects found in dark purple plants. In addition to their antioxidant properties, some anthocyanins also support healthy inflammatory balance and immune benefits.



Take two softgels daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a weight-loss product?
    Definitely not! ageLOC® Meta does not cause weight-loss, nor does it replace exercise. Instead, it supports the metabolic benefits of a healthier lifestyle when combined with good nutrition, enough sleep, and regular exercise. It’ s important to remember our metabolic health affects so much more than weight—it’ s a complicated set of chemical processes that’ s responsible for converting nutrients into energy for use and storage, breaking down and building new tissues, as well as eliminating cellular waste. I’m active, I’m healthy!

  • Why do I need this product?
    Think of metabolic health (or biochemistry) as being a spectrum—with positive choices on one end and less positive on the other, and we’ re always moving back and forth within that range. ageLOC® Meta can help us in our pursuit of enjoying more time on the healthy side.

  • What is metabolic health?
    Metabolic health refers to a range of biochemical processes that affects every part of our bodies, such as: blood pressure, blood sugar, insulin sensitivity, abdominal fat, cholesterol, and triglycerides. These processes, in turn, affect the following: inflammatory response, immune response, vital organs like the heart, metabolism, and microbiome and gut health. Being metabolically healthy is determined in a huge way by our lifestyle. That’ s why it’ s important to ask ourselves if we’ re getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and doing our best to avoid stress. Here’ s why—metabolic health has a direct impact on how our bodies respond to our lifestyle choices. For example, if we’ re metabolically healthy, a night of sleeping poorly will have a smaller impact than it would if we’ re metabolically unhealthy. please note: to enhance understanding, we use the terms “biochemistry” and “metabolic health” interchangeably.

  • What are the benefits of taking ageLOC® Meta?
    Our years of proprietary research and scientific query have led to the discovery that ageLOC® Meta can help support body metabolism to shift your body’s biochemistry toward a healthier state. Combined with healthy eating, regular exercise, and better sleep, ageLOC® Meta helps counteract your modern lifestyle. It does this by targeting the sources of metabolic health— courtesy of a breakthrough formula, a Nu Skin exclusive. Think of it as your inside track to staying on goal.

  • Who should take ageLOC® Meta?
    Our research shows that every adult will benefit from taking ageLOC® Meta daily. However, people who are pregnant, lactating, or taking prescription medication should consult with their physician before use.

  • How does Meta fit into the ageLOC® brand?
    The ageLOC® brand is driven by a philosophy of providing the latest innovations that target the sources of ageing, rather than simply treating signs and symptoms. ageLOC® Meta is right at home because it targets the sources of metabolic health to give you the power to thrive inside.

  • What kind of research went into ageLOC® Meta?
    Seven years of our own proprietary research went into formulating ageLOC® Meta. We discovered the concept, unlocked the science, and then analysed different anthocyanin plant extracts to discover which are most effective at supporting metabolic health. From here, we began conducting preclinical and then clinical studies—following our rigorous 6S Quality Process to maintain quality, efficacy, and safety controls throughout every stage, of course. We’ re passionate in our pursuit of scientific discoveries that lead to the creation of innovative, high-quality products.

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